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Queen Live at the Rainbow 74 (Blu-ray)

название: Queen Live at the Rainbow 74 (Blu-ray) (Queen Live at the rainbow 1974)
жанр: Blu-ray disc, Западные исполнители, Музыка
год: 1974
длительность: 79 минут
качество: Blu-ray
цена: 296 руб.
1974 was a year of high achievement for Queen. They had their first two hit singles, Seven Seas Of Rhye and Killer Queen, released two albums, Queen II and Sheer Heart Attack, and completed major tours across the UK, America and Europe. In the UK, they performed three sold-out shows at the legendary Rainbow Theatre in London's Finsbury Park, one in March on the Queen II tour and two in November following the release of Sheer Heart Attack. To mark the 40th Anniversary of these shows, fans can finally enjoy Queen Live At The Rainbow 74, lovingly restored, re-edited, mixed and digitally mastered and including much previously unseen footage. The main show is from November with, as a bonus, the only surviving footage from the March show. This is Queen dazzling their audience with an unforgettable show delivered with a skill and confidence which belied their youth.

01 - Procession
02 - Now I'm Here
03 - Ogre Battle
04 - Father To Son
05 - White Queen (As It Began)
06 - Flick Of The Wrist
07 - In The Lap Of The Gods
08 - Killer Queen
09 - The March Of The Black Queen
10 - Bring Back That Leroy Brown
11 - Son And Daughter
12 - Guitar Solo
13 - Son And Daughter (Reprise)
14 - Keep Yourself Alive
15 - Drum Solo
16 - Keep Yourself Alive (Reprise)
17 - Seven Seas Of Rhye
18 - Stone Cold Crazy
19 - Liar
20 - In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited
21 - Big Spender
22 - Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll
23 - Jailhouse Rock
24 - God Save The Queen

Bonus (Live At The Rainbow, March '74):
01 - Son And Daughter
02 - Guitar Solo
03 - Son And Daughter (Reprise)
04 - Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll
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