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The Beatles - Video Collection

название: The Beatles - Video Collection
жанр: Музыка, Спецпредложение
режиссер: The Beatles
год: 2003
длительность: 204 минут
качество: DVD
цена: 87 руб.
1. Please, Please Me
2. Twist And Shout
3. From Me To You
4. I Wont Belong
5. She Loves You
6. I Wanna Be Your Man
7. This Boy
8. I Saw Her Standing There
9. From Me To You
10. Till There Was You
11. Twist And Shout
12. Mr. Postman
13. Roll Over Beethoven
14. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
15. She Loves You
16. I Saw Her Standing There
17. Please, Please Me
18. I Follow The Sun
19. This Boy
20. A Hard Days Night
21. If I Fall In Love With You
22. Can’t Buy Me Love
23. All My Loving
24. You Can’t Do That
25. All My Loving
26. I Feel Fine
27. Kansas City
28. I’m A Looser
29. Everybody Want
30. To Be My Baby
31. You Gonna Lose That Girl
32. You Gotta Hide You Love Again
33. Help!
34. Yesterday
35. I’m Done
36. I Feel Fine
37. My Love Don’t Give Me Reason
38. Act Naturally
39. Ticket To Ride
40. Twist And Shout
41. I Feel Fine
42. Baby In Black
43. I’m Done
44. Help!
45. Nowhere Man
46. Day Tripper
47. We Can Work It Out
48. Paperblack Writer
49. Rain
50. For No One
51. Strawberry Fields Forever
52. Penny Lane
53. Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
54. With A Little Help From My Friends
55. The Benefit of Mr. Kite
56. A Day In The Line
57. All You Need Is Love
58. Magical Mystery Tour
59. Fool On The Hill
60. Your Mother Should Know

DVD 2:
1. I Am The Walrus
2. Hello, Goodbye
3. Across The Universe
4. Lady Madonna
5. All Together Now
6. Hey Jude
7. The Long And Winding Road
8. Don’t Let Me Down
9. Get Back
10. Let It Be
11. Something
12. Golden Slumbers
13. Octopus’s Garden
14. Here Comes The Sun
15. Come Together
16. Free As A Bird
17. In My Life
18. Love Me Do
19. It Won’t Be Long
20. You Love Me To
21. I Am A Lover
22. Dance With You
23. Tell Me Why
24. Love You
25. You Love Me Too
26. I Need You
27. Ticket To Ride
28. Eight Days A Week
29. The Night Before
30. Another Girl
31. Rock & Roll Music
32. Yesterday
33. Eleonor Rigby
34. For No One
35. Magical Mystery Tour
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