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Rambler\'s Top100

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Pet Shop Boys (Ultimate / Life In Pop) (Blu-ray)

название: Pet Shop Boys (Ultimate / Life In Pop) (Blu-ray)
жанр: Blu-ray disc, Западные исполнители, Музыка
год: 2006
длительность: 212 минут
качество: Blu-ray
цена: 290 руб.
Pet Shop Boys Ultimate
BBC Performance

1.West End Girls (BBC Top Of The Pops)
2.Love Comes Quickly (BBC Top Of The Pops)
3.Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money) (Old Grey Whistle Test)
4.Suburbia (BBC Top Of The Pops)
5.It’s A Sin (BBC Top Of The Pops)
6.Rent (BBC Top Of The Pops)
7.Always On My Mind (BBC Top Of The Pops)
8.What Have I Done To Deserve This? (BRITS)
9.Heart (Wogan)
10.Domino Dancing (BBC Top Of The Pops)
11.Left To My Own Devices (BBC Top Of The Pops)
12.So Hard (Wogan)
13.Being Boring (BBC Top Of The Pops)
14.Can You Forgive Her? (BBC Top Of The Pops)
15.Liberation (BBC Top Of The Pops)
16.Paninaro ’95 (BBC Top Of The Pops)
17.Se A Vida E (BBC Top Of The Pops 2)
18.A Red Letter Day (BBC Top Of The Pops)
19.Somewhere (BBC Top Of The Pops)
20.I Don’t Know What You Want But I Can’t Give It Anymore (BBC Top Of The Pops)
21.New York City Boy (BBC Top Of The Pops)
22.You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk (BBC Top Of The Pops)
23.Home And Dry (BBC Top Of The Pops)
24.I Get Along (BBC Re:Covered)
25.Miracles (BBC Top Of The Pops)
26.Flamboyant (BBC Top Of The Pops)
27.I’m With Stupid (BBC Top Of The Pops)

Pet Shop Boys Glastonbury

01. Heart
02. Did You See Me Coming?
03. Love Etc.
04. Building A Wall
05. Go West
06. Two Divided By Zero
07. Why Don’t We Live Together
08. New York City Boy
09. Always On My Mind
010. Closer To Heaven / Left To My Own Devices
011. Do I Have To?
012. King’s Cross
013. Jealousy
014. Suburbia
015. What Have I Done To Deserve This?
016. All Over The World
017. Se A Vide E (That’s The Way Life Is)
018. Domino Dancing / Viva La Vida
019. It’s A Sin
020. Being Boring
021. West End Girls

Pet Shop Boys Life In Pop

1. Chapter 1: The Beginning
2. Chapter 2: Two Divided By Zero
3. Chapter 3: London
4. Chapter 4: The First Meeting
5. Chapter 5: West End Girls
6. Chapter 6: Image
7. Chapter 7: The Best Was Yet To Come
8. Chapter 8: Serious Songwriting
9. Chapter 9: Live At Last
10. Chapter 10: Behaviour
11. Chapter 11: Pop Or Rock
12. Chapter 12: Going West
13. Chapter 13: Latin Influence
14. Chapter 14: Closer To Heaven
15. Chapter 15: Release Potemkin
16. Chapter 16: Depth Through Surface
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