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The Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra Strive for Jive

название: The Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra Strive for Jive
жанр: «ападные исполнители, ћузыка
год: 2009
длительность: 68 минут
качество: DVD
цена: 178 руб.
Pianist, composer, and arranger Toshiko Akiyoshi led what was considered to be one of the finest Big Bands in Jazz. They masterfully possess an individual sound while continuing to swing, maintaining a traditional Big Band feel. From the American Bebop of pianist Bud Powell, to Eastern folk music structures of Japan and the creativity of the bandТs principle soloist (saxophone/flutist Lew Tabackin), these various musical influences create a rich texture and originality to the renowned Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra.

"...one of our great musical institutions...absolutely amazing." - Jazz Times

Born in China, Akiyoshi began by playing piano in Japanese dance halls during WWII. By the 1960s she had gained international acclaim, recording with Oscar Peterson and playing regularly with Charles Mingus. But it was in the 1970s, upon establishing the Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra with Tabackin, that Akiyoshi cemented her place in music and rose to become one of the most respected pianists and composers in Jazz.

No. 1 Big Band! - downbeat Magazine's Critic's and Readers Poll

This live, full-length DVD concert performance of the 16-piece Big Band, which includes Frank Wess and Lew Tabackin, provides an additional dimension by infusing the concert with interviews from Akiyoshi and Tabackin. The definitive record of the worldТs foremost modern Jazz orchestra, this DVD is contemporary Big Band music at its best.

Selections include:
Yellow is Mellow
Strive For Jive
Quadrille Anyone?
Autumn Sea
Warning, Success May Be Hazardous To Your Health
Strive For Jive (reprise)
DVD Bonus Features:
Toshiko Akiyoshi Biography
Lew Tabackin Biography
Frank Wess Biography
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Dolby Digital Stereo Audio
Digitally Remastered Audio & Video
Instant Access to All Songs

R1, DVD5, NTSC, 4:3
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