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Rambler\'s Top100

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Michael Jackson HIStory On Film Volume II (2 dvd)

название: Michael Jackson HIStory On Film Volume II (2 dvd) (Michael Jackson: HIStory On Film, Volume II)
жанр: Музыка, Спецпредложение
год: 1997
длительность: 196 минут
качество: DVD
цена: 392 руб.
How can someone who hasn't released any commercially successful material in the last six years be the King? Watch this video and you'll find out!
This is packed with some of Michael's most ambitious video's and live performances. DVD 1 : Video Greatest Hits DVD 2 : Video listing:
01. Bille Jean (Motown 25: yesterday, Today and Forever)
02. Beat It 3. Liberian Girl (very rare)
04. Smooth Criminal (one of his finest and higly overlooked videos)
05. 1995 MTV Video Music Awards Performance (Killer 15 minute Jackson performance!)
06. Thriller
07. Scream (duet with sister Janet and an amazing visual effect video!)
08. Childhood
09. You Are Not Alone (Video for the first song ever to debut at No.1 on the Billboard #100)
10. EarthSong (Beautiful video!)
11. They Don't Care About Us (Highly contorvercial song and video from 1996)
12. Stranger In Moscow (rare)
13. Bllod On The Dance Floor (rare in North America)
14. Brace Yourself DVD105,16:9 ,R2, PAL
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