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Rambler\'s Top100

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Def Leppard - Visualize / Video Archive

название: Def Leppard - Visualize / Video Archive
жанр: Музыка
режиссер: Def Leppard
год: 2001
качество: DVD
цена: 120 руб.
01. Opening Statements and Titles
02. Rocket
03. Switch 625 (Steve Clark Tribute)
04. Solo Projects/ Making Videos
05. Let's Get Rocked
06. Vivian Campbell Joins Def Leppard
07. Make Love like a Man
08. I Wanna Touch U
09. Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad
10. Interviews
11. Tonight
12. Heaven Is
13. Fans / Off Stage Live
14. Stand Up (Kick Love into Motion)
15. Return to Sheffield
16. Two Steps Behind (Live from Sheffield)
17. Love Bites (Live from Sheffield)
18. Photograph (Live from Sheffield)
19. The Future of Def Leppard
Video Archive
Live from Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield, England (June 1993):
01. Let's Get Rocked
02. Foolin'
03. Rocket
04. Two Steps Behind
05. Armageddon It
06. Pour Some Sugar on Me
07. Rock of Ages
08. Love Bites
Videos (1993-1995):
09. When Love and Hate Collide (Performance Only)
10. Two Steps Behind
11. Action
12. Miss You in a Heartbeat
13. When Love and Hate Collide (Epic 8 minute version)
Acoustic performance from Wapentake Club, Sheffield, England (October 1993):
14. Two Steps Behind
15. Armageddon It
16. When Love and Hate Collide
17. Animal
18. Pour Sugar on Me
19. Ziggy Stardust
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